EXCITE is a 4-week summer workshop/Internship programme aimed at product engineering, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The whole programme has been conceptualized with an aim to rekindle the spirit of engineering which essentially revolves around building usable solutions.

Highlights of the Initiative:

  • One month full-time summer workshop around product development/Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • An initiative by TASK (Telangana Academy for Skills and Knowledge), HYSEA (Hyderabad Software enterprise Association) and supported by JNTU-H (University)
  • 225 Students and 50 faculties across 25 colleges (9 students along with 2 faculty members from each college)
  • Mentoring and interaction by several partners from ecosystem in addition to dedicated in-house mentors


  • Remarkable improvement in learning ability and confidence level resulting in participation and winning of several hackathons
  • All round appreciation and recognition including improved placements for the participants
  • Top 20 teams funded between 15k – 50k to continue their work
  • Products of three teams adopted /funded by Industry  including one from a German company  
  • Encouraged by the outcome of this initiative, 11 colleges have started Maker Space in their colleges to inculcate this culture on campus.