Hackers Summit was held on 9-11 July 2015, at IIIT-H. Celebrating Hacking with the Hacker community is the main idea of Hackers Summit. It brings celebrated hackers and startups together to build momentum and opportunity around hacking events. By celebrating the spirit of hacking community in India, it will be Hacking Carnival.

You will find talks featuring celebrated Hackers, Deep-dive Tech Sessions in unconference style, a Hackathon of Hackathons and a mega Recruitment event.

Here are some highlights of the event:

Hacker Talks -Hacker Talks are Keynote talks by celebrated Founders/CTOs from well-known startups and thought leaders among open-source communities and hacker groups.

Hacker Unconference– Hacker unconference sessions with hacker/open-source thought leaders on emerging technologies and hacking tips/tricks in Cloud, Mobile, IoT, security, JS and more.

Mega Hackathons– Two Mega Hackathons as pre-event, One for professionals and the other for budding hackers from colleges.

Hacker Showcase-All the winners from hackathons conducted in that year will be showcased and acknowledged.

Hacker Hiring and Internship Drive – Leading startups will vie with each other to offer jobs and internships to the participating hackers.

Hacker SpotFixes -Hacker Spot Fixes- a rapid short hacking challenge around some emerging tech areas that is led by hacker/open-source thought leaders.