T-Hub in partnership with Idealabs presents the T-Kickstart series, a three-day boot camp spread over three weeks for all  Wannapreneur with an Idea looking for validation before you dive into Entrepreneurship

Very often, there is a huge gap in the preparation and they are advised to validate their ideas! Without a proper counsel, the participants keep repeating the same mistakes on every occasion and soon end up their startup dream with disappointment.

The Bootcamp series are ideal for wannapreneurs who are ready to kick start their entrepreneurial journey. This Programme helps you in validate your product idea, network with mentors/domain experts and get an opportunity to pitch in front of Investors. We mentor you through an intense process where you learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Idealabs Playground

Idealabs Playground is not just a co-working space. It goes beyond the traditional co-working spaces in terms of providing mentoring at every stage of your startup from idea validation to Product Architecture, from Go-To-Market strategy to Investment Pitch. Additionally, you get the wide ecosystem system support and access to niche events and meetups conducted by Idealabs.


Entrepreneurship at Campus

Entrepreneurship is in the air! College Campus across India are buzzing with Entreprenurship. Its time to Startup!

The highly successful startup stories on campus like Facebook have always been a huge inspiration! While the model has developed and matured in universities in the west, it has been an exception than norm in Indian Universities.At Idealabs, we are a group of highly committed and experienced set of professionals drawn from relevant backgrounds to offer a holistic solution to solve this challenge.From setting up an Incubation centre to running a structured Accelerator programme, Idealabs is the right partner.

Idealabs has recently signed up with JNTUH, India’s largest technology university to start J-Hub, a complete ecosystem for student Innovation and Entrepreneurship.